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FSWidgets - EFB for FSX 1.0

A software-based display system for the simulated cockpit or flight deck
1.0 (See all)

EFBFSX (Electronic Flight Bag for FSX) is a software-based display system intended primarily for the simulated cockpit or flight deck. It virtually does away with the need for paper charts and other physical copies of documents such as aircraft operating manuals, performance data, approach charts and checklists.

In real world aviation EFB devices usually consist of software and hardware (hand-held tablet PC or integrated display). They can display a variety of aviation functions that in the past were traditionally accomplished using paper references. EFB systems may be approved to replace some of the bulky hard copy material that pilots typically carry in their flight bags. They can be found in everything from light single-engine props to multi-engine jet airliners.

The EFBFSX software is designed to minimize a pilot's workload and head-down time, delivering a virtually paperless cockpit environment.

The EFBFSX software can retrieve and display such documents as:
- Approach Plates
- Aeronautical Navigation Charts
- Pilot Operating Handbooks
- General Operations Manual
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Minimum Equipment Lists

The EFBFSX can also download/display real-time data online such as:
- Weather Radar
- Weather Briefings
- Any web-based information

Other functions include:
- Heads-Up audio checklist system
- Moving Map Display
- Navigation Log display of the current FSX flight plan

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